Port Townsend Show

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I recently hung a show in a very cute cafe in Port Townsend Washington called Sweet Laurette Cafe.  The cafe is known for it's exquisite baked goods and quality fresh dishes.  

I fell in love with Port Townsend the first time I set eyes on it.  The fact that Ft. Warden resides just outside the town sealed the deal for me.  I was a teenager when I first visited as a student at a art camp hosted by the Centrum foundation at Ft. Warden.  I spent a joyful week experimenting in mediums I had never visited and sailing through the hills on my trusty bike.  

Almost fifteen year later I returned as an artist in residency for a milestone birthday present.  Once again I spent a whole week up at Fort Warden but this time without my bike.  Instead I focused on my printmaking.  I created a couple of lino cuts that had been haunting my vision for sometime.  But the big project I tackled was a series of mono prints.  I had been itching to get my fingers mucked up with ink in a couple of my favorite mono print techniques.  The mono prints were a success and I am now in the process of raising funds for an order of frames so I might show these prints to the world.

While I was in Port Townsend for my artist residency I approached Laurette, the owner of Sweet Laurette Cafe & Bistro.  I showed her my work and she agreed I was a great fit for her beautiful cafe and we scheduled my work to hang.  At the beginning of August I borrowed a very good friend and spent the weekend camping and biking in Fort Warden.  The weekend was finished off with the hanging of my art in Sweet Laurette.  For the month of August and September 2012 my work is hanging in her cafe.  It is a gorgeous site to see, and I hope you make it to Port Townsend to see my work, and perhaps fall in love with the town like I did.      



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