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Coloring Book

I am an Artist living and working out of Olympia Washington.  I love the process of creating art, I find it very fulfilling.  I have played with many mediums extensively, but always returns to Printmaking like it's a long lost friend.  In this coloring book I feature a collection of block prints, most of them Linoleum, with a few woodcuts now and then.  I carve my blocks with the intention of hand coloring a number of the prints with watercolor or colored pencils.  With this publication I'm inviting you to share in my creative process, by adding your own touch of color to my fine art prints.   In my art I finds ways to combine the things that I loves, and shares them with my audience. A good portion of my work is inspired by the nature of the Puget Sound region I calls home. With my hand carved blocks I explore the flora, fauna and human experience that is the Pacific Northwest community.  I combine my love of community with my love of books, and become a storyteller in my work.  I tells stories of everyday joys, from spotting a duck dive, to cuddling on the couch, to being whisked away in the pages of a good book.  It's these little things we all take pleasure in that connects us as humans.  They are the things worthy of storytelling, and intricate carved blocks, that paint a picture we can all relate to.