Artist Statement

My art tells stories of simple things that make me happy, and along the way I have discovered that what makes me happy is not very different from what makes a lot of people happy. An adventure, books, food, favorite shoes, music, relationships, stories… some more simple than others. These everyday things are easy to take for granted. Part of me believes that if I can capture these things in my art, I will never take them for granted.

But it’s not my finished art that I view important for me to remember the simple things, it’s the process. When we submerge ourselves in an activity and apply ourselves whole heartedly we tend to make discoveries about ourselves and the world we interact with. Each piece I have created started as a drawing with a little foresight as to how that drawing would transfer into a finished work. During the process of creating I begin to understanding where the image was unearthed from in my subconscious. With each print and painting I create I understand a little more about myself and this world. Maybe by the time I’m crippled with arthritis I will understand enough to slow down.

As a child I told everyone I wanted to be an artist and until recently I never took that silly little girl with a speech problem seriously. I’ve never been inactive in the arts; I’ve just not always considered myself an artist. Over the years I’ve made messes in many mediums, the list too long to entertain. The mediums that I revisit most often include printing of a wide variety; wood block, mono, dry point, linoleum, and a variety of painting mediums; water color, acrylic, and oil. I long ago beat the speech problem but am still very busy trying to be the artist I once dreamed I would be.