Double Rainbow - Linocut - Colored Pencil


4x6 inch full colored greeting card

in: Lino Cuts

Double Rainbow depicts the calm after the storm, a lone figure gazing upon a rainbow reflected in a puddle.  The rainbow, breaking through the parting clouds.  This print has been hand colored with colored pencils.  The artist carves the blocks in such a way to allow for a great deal of color to be applied.  Each hand colored piece is slightly different, the piece featured will not necessarily be the piece you receive upon purchase. 

This Black & White piece is different from any other piece in the shop, because it will have the rainbow, and only the rainbow hand colored.  The artist, felt that having the rainbow colored was essential to this piece.

  • 4 x 6 inch print with
  • 1" clean white border
  • Printed on quality BFK archival paper
  • Limited edition printing
  • Signed, numbered and dated by the artist